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Leaking Toilet

Symptoms of a faulty toilet:


  • Toilet not flushing properly

  • Cisterns not filling up fast enough

  • Water constantly running 

  • Any leaks/water dripping onto the floor

  • Toilet making loud noises 


Toilet Installation & Replacement

Thinking about replacing your toilet with an efficient, low-flow model? Looking to remodel your bathroom and need a new toilet installation? At Kline Plumbing we are the experts when it comes to toilet installation and toilet replacement services for homes and small businesses throughout the Gold Coast. If you need a new toilet, call us today!


New Toilet Installation

You can pick out whatever new toilet you want, but when it comes time to install it, call the professionals! At Kline Plumbing will make sure it’s installed properly. And if you’re installing the new toilet as part of a larger bathroom renovation, we can work with any other contractors to make sure the job goes smoothly and is completed on time.


Toilet Replacement

If your toilet is loose, cracked, or leaking, or if you’re just tired of looking at the same toilet you’ve had for years, give us a call! We can remove your old toilet and replace it with your preferred model. We’ll hook it right into your existing plumbing system so you can start using your new toilet right away.

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