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Pressure Booster Pumps

There is nothing more frustrating than looking forward to a shower only to find that the water pressure is so low. Low water pressure is a real problem for many homeowners and businesses on the Gold Coast, but what causes this loss in pressure? Here are 5 common causes:


1. Debris and mineral build up in pipes

A build-up of debris and minerals in your water pipes can slowly cause a lowering of the water pressure over time.

2. Corrosion build up inside piping

Regardless of the age of your pipes, over time there is always a slow build-up of corrosion that isn’t always flushed through the system. Sooner or later you will notice a reduction in pressure which might be due to corrosion. Corroded pipes need to be replaced by a qualified plumber.

3. Multiple outlet use and small pipes

With homeowners preferring multiple bathrooms and other water outlets in their home, this results in Multiple fixtures being used at the same time. Without an increase in the capacity of your mains water pipe that delivers water to your home, using multiple outlets at the same time will continue to reduce the water pressure down the line.

4. Water Leaks

If you notice a rapid, rather than a slow drop in water pressure then you might have a water leak somewhere on your property. Obvious causes are easy to spot, but if you can’t see any visible water leaks, you might have a concealed leak underground.


5.   Water supply issues

In some cases the problem isn’t in your home, but with the council’s supply of water to your home. Their pipes are just as prone to dirt, debris, corrosion, mineral build-up and cracks as the pipes in your home. If this is the case the team at Kline plumbing have a solution! with the installation of a water booster pump to increase the pressure to your property.

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